Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Typical Public Appearance

On Sunday, several of the Sisters appeared at a gathering of local writers. I believe it was to showcase the writers of NH, and nearby MA, and to expose members of the community to the talents in their own back yard. There was a wonderful turnout of about 35 writers, but, the only audience appeared to be the other writers and the family members they dragged along.

We didn't sell much (one book on my end), but we did make contacts. Maybe some will result in future library or school visits. If so, it was worth the time and effort.

The view of the stage where the writers read from their work.

One writer insisted that she channels angels. We listened to the messages she relayed. I'm not convinced. What self-respecting angel is going to talk in cliches? I had such high hopes for angels! Perhaps it was the writing, and not the angel, that was the disappointment?

All in all it was a pleasant afternoon--any time spent with friends is good. Any time spent listening to the work of others is also good--if you listen carefully, you learn how not to write!


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