Friday, August 21, 2009

Poetry Friday: On Belonging

Eunice Kennedy Shriver has been inspiring me my whole life. I have an aunt with intellectual disabilities, and I have seen firsthand the results of her good work. I wanted to find something for Poetry Friday that connected with Eunice and everything she has done for people with intellectual disabilities. In my search, I came upon Ideal-Way, founded by Robert Pio Hajjar.

Rob is a person with intellectual disabilities who had a vision. Rob dreamed of a "world where persons with intellectual disability are valued, included, and appreciated for who they are." Rob's efforts include The National Ideal Way Poetry Competition for intellectually disabled Canadian citizens.

I would like to offer the following National Ideal Way 2008 Poetry Competition second place winner for today's Poetry Friday.

“Where Do I Belong?”


Where do I belong?

Is a question we ask ourselves.

From time to time

When we’re kids, teens or adults.

Asking ourselves “Where do I belong?”

Helps us fit in with friends.

Helps us fit in with family.

Helps us fit in at our workplace.

Asking ourselves “Where do I belong?”

Helps us fit in society.

Or even at home with our parents.

Ask yourself “Where do I belong?”

Everybody fits in somewhere.

Everybody belongs somewhere.

We all have a place in the world.

Where do I belong.

This week's Poetry Friday is being hosted by Kyle at The Boy Reader.


Teena in Toronto said...

Very nice!

Happy blogoversary!

Andy said...

Thanks, Teena!

Diane Mayr said...

OMG! It's our blogoversary! If I hadn't already gone out for Chinese food, I'd suggest we all go celebrate with a little liquid refreshment.

I'm Jet . . . said...

We can still do that, D!

Color Online said...


Great post. You know I just commented about meme participation and then I read this. This is why I said what I did. Wondering where I fit. Talk about serendipity. The hurt of not fitting in.

Reading Maria Shriver's eulogy for her mother was inspiring. Left me awestruck.

Thanks, Andi.

Andy said...

You're welcome, C.O.! ("Inspiring" is certainly the right word for Eunice.)

Anonymous said...

Terrific post. Eunice Kennedy Shriver will always be remembered for her wonderful work. Check out to see Robert Pio Hajjar, the Founder of IDEAL WAY speaking. He is truly inspirational.


Maureen Lee said...

Addie Daabous, Exec. Dir. of, just sent me a link to this post, as she thought you might be interested in seeing Rob in action at the Best Buddies Leadership Conference. He was the featured keynote speaker, and this is a video of his speech:

And I agree: 'Inspiring' is certainly the right word for Eunice!

Andy said...

How inspiring! Rob speaks to the "better angels" of our nature. I sure hope those angels are listening.

Thanks so much for sharing the link to Rob's speech, as well as your thoughts on Eunice.