Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Sharing - Off The Beaten Path

For those of you interested in the odd, weird, and Wow! things in life, check out Atlas Obscura, A Compendium of the World’s Wonders, Curiosities, and Esoterica.

Are you interested in medieval torture? The photo is the Heretic's Chair, found at a Torture Museum in Amsterdam.

Perhaps you’re an animal lover. Well, a weird animal lover. Try the Venice Beach Freak Show.

How about an Australian vacation to Coober Pedy, where it’s so hot, everyone has moved underground to the old opal mining caves. There are hotels and art galleries, and night time golf played with glow-in-the-dark golf balls

Everything you’ve ever imagined can be found in the atlas, as well as things you’ve never imagined. (A gopher museum with dead, stuffed ground squirrels dressed up as the local people.)

It doesn't matter how weird or strange you are. There’s something there for everyone.


Diane said...

Thanks for sharing, Barb! I guess I've got some weird discoveries ahead!

Andy said...

These are some great car accident websites, Barb, in that you can't not look.