Friday, August 20, 2010

Poetry Friday: Jane Kenyon, Poems for the End of Summer

I am not entirely comfortable with posting this whole set, copyright-wise. So I'm just posting the second of the three parts. You can (and should) read the whole piece here:

Jane Kenyon was New Hampshire's Poet Laureate and the wife of the great Donald Hall.

This short piece is the center of her poem, Three Songs at the End of Summer. The whole is achingly beautiful, and not as anguished as this section feels on its own. Section 1 (or maybe it's the first Song) talks about haying, the last section/song talks about the first day of school.

The cicada’s dry monotony breaks
over me. The days are bright
and free, bright and free.

Then why did I cry today
for an hour, with my whole
body, the way babies cry?

Poetry Friday round-up is at Teach Poetry K-12 this week.


B.C. said...

Oh, this poem is terrific. I love Jane Kenyon. I myself just posted about summer poems on Wednesday of this week. I hope you'll check it out:

Mur said...

"Then why did I cry today
for an hour, with my whole
body, the way babies cry?"

I know! Because weather-wise, this has been such a beautiful summer that it's hard to see it go.

Thanks, Sally.

Mary Lee said...

I cried because I had to advise a friend that yes, she should put her dog down now before the dog got worse. But that's another story and not at all related to the end of summer...or perhaps PERFECTLY related, metaphorically, to the end of summer...

Love your choice for today. I've got that bus stop feeling going on, but I'm the teacher, not the student...