Friday, September 10, 2010

Poetry Friday: In Memoriam

Tomorrow is the 9th anniversary. Let’s keep it in mind.

New York American Spell, 2001

by Tom Sleigh

5 / from brooklyn bridge

Sun shines on the third bridge tower:
A garbage scow ploughs the water,

Maternal hull pushing is all out beyond
The city, pushing it all out so patiently—

All you could hear out there this flawless afternoon
Is the sound of sand pulverizing newsprint

To tatters, paper-pulp ripping crosswise
Or lengthwise, shearing off some photo

Of maybe a head or maybe an arm.
Ridiculous flimsy noble newspaper,

Leaping in wind, fluttering, collapsing,
Its columns sway and topple into babble:

All you’d see if you were out there
Is air vanishing into clearer air.

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