Monday, September 24, 2012

The Joys of Writing

Pulling the spark, the idea,
the flint that lights the flame,
out of thin air.
Thinking through a plot,
outside in a lawn chair,
on a sunny day,
as the birds sing.
Typing ‘Chapter 1’
and contemplating the adventure.
Finding the perfect word,
            a killer opening sentence,
                        writing one damned good paragraph.
Walking away,
after a particularly productive day.
Getting so sucked into your world,
time disappears.
The roll, when words flow
from mind to fingers
with the ease
of breath.
Making it real,
creating a world and characters
who could truly exist.
Knowing it works,
knowing it’s good.
Reaching ‘the end,’
            and understanding
it’s just the beginning.
You’ve had your coffee, you’ve read your blogs, now go and be joyous.