Friday, October 17, 2008

Poetry (or at least Verse) from the heart

When emotions run high, even the non-poets among us sometimes turn to verse. In that context, I share the following bit of doggerel:

October 16, 2008

Past eleven – day is done
Red Sox can’t score even one.
What an ending to the season
Has the Curse returned? we reason.

All this feels just too familiar.
Tampa’s champagne’s getting chillier.
Fenway faithful’ve started leaving.
Diehards stay, but clearly grieving.

Wait – Pedroia comes alive
Papi hits a trademark drive
J.D.’s homer shrinks the gap
Wake up, Pa, no time to nap!

Just past midnight, cheers arise
“Sox live on!” the Nation cries.
Coco says a silent prayer
Joined by Sox fans everywhere.

Off to bed, the night is short
Stay tuned for the next report!

Other Sox fans are more consistently poetic than I am:

Enjoy! And get some sleep.


Note: This week's Poetry Friday Round-Up is hosted by Becky's Book Reviews.

1 comment:

Mur said...

Awesome, Sally! Poetry helps us hold on to a moment in time. You've selected a great moment for us to hang on to.