Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The True Lives of The Write Sisters

Every family has at least one fashion plate Janet Buell, is ours. When she's not paging through Vogue she can be found writing or zipping around on her Harley.

Where does she find the time? Between gardening, fishing, and being our web mistress, Kathy Deady still manages to write!

Muriel Dubois has written over 35 books for children. She is often over her head in writing projects.

Diane Mayr is our blog queen. She spends weekdays working as a public librarian. "Hey, you, put those anatomy books back!"

Andrea Murphy is a carefree, 20-something, girl-about-town. She bends the truth now and again, which makes her a pretty good storyteller.

Chickens have long been an interest of Barbara Turner. She's currently working on an epic poem about the history of fried chicken.

Sally Wilkins has written seven non-fiction books and dozens of magazine articles. She is especially interested in history.