Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Listeners of NPR may be familiar with On the Media. I listened this past weekend and found that the program was a rerun, but, it was one I had missed the first time around. There was a variety of stories that are of interest to a writer. You can access the program here, and listen to it in its entirety. Or, you can simply read the part that, as a children's writer, I enjoyed the most. It was a piece about novels written in 12 words! We write tersely for children, but not that terse! It's a real challenge. Read the transcript now, and then go out and write a 12 word story for kids.

Yes, this is an assignment! Please share your work by using the comments section below. Here's one from me:

No collar, her ribs showing. Mom said, "No cats. Ever!" My bad.

Have fun!


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I'm Jet . . . said...

I was inspired by your blog entry, D!