Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Feet!

Just a quick bit of advice--if you're having a problem with a scene, or pacing, or anything related to your writing project--go for a walk. Just you and your happy feet. Walk quickly and leave your cell phone behind. The fresh air will do you good. You'll find that your mind clears and the problems you've been having with your writing start to work themselves out. Resist walking with a friend. Company may be good, but if you want solutions, just you, your happy feet, and your thoughts are the best!

And, if you need more of an incentive to walk, there are the health benefits to consider! Who doesn't want to be healthier?

Twenty minutes will do wonders for you and your writing.


1 comment:

Sally said...

Washing dishes is good, too. Or taking a shower. There is something about warm water that stimulates the brain, I think.