Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Sharing

Saturday, Sunday, any day is a good day for sharing!

Today I'm going to share something that may not appeal to everyone--sites dealing with death.

Death holds a fascination for many, especially young adults. You, and they, may find these sites of interest: how to write a good eulogy!

History of Funeral Customs--this comes from the people who ought to know--funeral directors (Wyoming Funeral Directors Association).

List of unusual deaths--Wikipedia has compiled some bizarre endings. Here's one--
207 BC: Chrysippus, a Greek stoic philosopher, is believed to have died of laughter after watching his drunk donkey attempt to eat figs.

My Funky Funeral--Funeral customs from around the world.

Premature Death of Rock Stars--Jimi and Janis and too many more.

Products That Reflect a Life Well Lived--You're gonna love this site!

Looking at that last site, you might just die from laughing, but, you won't be the first!



Barbara said...

I've seen the unusual death site before. Lots of weird info and dark humor there. They have a list of people who were killed by their own inventions.

Another site is

You can discover where long lost relatives, or famous people are buried.

Did you know Jim Morrison of The Doors was almost kicked out of his plot because his lease was up. Seems, in France, cemetery plots are not forever.

Diane said...

I know use it for all my ladies to see if I can find their final resting places. Have I told you about my plan to gather all their grave photos on one page for Mur to link to? (For all those twisted kids like yourself!) --Diane