Friday, July 17, 2009

To The Oriole

      OW falls it, oriole, thou hast come to fly
      In tropic splendor through our Northern sky?

      At some glad moment was it nature's choice
      To dower a scrap of sunset with a voice?

      Or did some orange tulip, flaked with black,
      In some forgotten garden, ages back,

      Yearning toward Heaven until its wish was heard,
      Desire unspeakably to be a bird?

-- Edgar Fawcett

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Andrea Murphy said...

"A scrap of sunset with a voice . . . " Enough said.

Lovely, Janet!

I'm Jet . . . said...

Thanks, A! Of all the birds I have in my collection (visitors to my yard), I would like to see a Baltimore Oriole taking up residence. It's on my bird bucket list!

Mary Lee said...

Andy picked my favorite line and you echoed my wish to see a Baltimore Oriole for real (preferably in my back yard)!