Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Women of Wednesday: A Celebration of Women Writers

This morning I’d like to turn your attention to an amazing collection I’ve just discovered.  A Celebration of Women Writers is an ambitious project, proposing to compile a comprehensive list of women writers from all parts of the world and throughout recorded time, with links to sources of information and a growing collection of online editions of women’s works that are in the public domain.

Statement of Purpose:
The Celebration of Women Writers recognizes the contributions of women writers throughout history. Women have written almost every imaginable type of work: novels, poems, letters, biographies, travel books, religious commentaries, histories, economic and scientific works. Our goal is to promote awareness of the breadth and variety of women's writing.
All too often, works by women, and resources about women writers, are hard to find. We attempt to provide easy access to available on-line information. The Celebration provides a comprehensive listing of links to biographical and bibliographical information about women writers, and complete published books written by women.
We are also actively involved in extending those resources. A major focus of the Celebration is the development of on-line editions of older, often rare, out-of-copyright works. We choose works from a range of areas to indicate the variety of interests of women writers. 

This site, in itself a tremendous contribution to recording "herstory," is not only valuable for learning more about these women writers – some famous, some obscure. It’s valuable because much of the material written by these women provides insights into their lives and their times. Since history typically records the big public events, it’s difficult to learn about the ordinary, day-to-day activities and thoughts of individuals. So I’ll be bookmarking Celebration for future perusal, and I hope you will, too!


I'm Jet . . . said...

A reason to celebrate!

I'm Jet . . . said...

Wow. Just checked it out. A very ambitious project!