Friday, August 15, 2008

Poetry Friday--Prompts

I'm enjoying a lovely vacation in Maine, but sadly, I'm unable to break the tie with my computer! Luckily I have a new teeny-tiny laptop. It's an ASUS Eee, and, it's pink! But I digress...

I'm going to give you a few places to go to for poetry prompts. I'm in a gorgeous environment, so this week I'm not necessarily in need of a prompt, but for those of you who are stuck at home/work, you may want to try something new! Have fun!

The Journal has many prompts for both poetry and prose.

Robert Lee Brewer has a blog, "Poetic Asides," associated with Writer's Digest that challenges the poet with weekly prompts.

There are many other bloggers who provide poetry prompts on a regular basis, so go to your favorite blogging site and try a search on "poetry prompts."

The teacher resource, Scholastic Magazine, has prompts on this page (scroll down to the bottom). Try them out yourself, then use them the next time you get an opportunity to work with kids.

Here's a prompt for you. I just overheard it in the lobby (wireless access in the lobby surrounds you with lots of conversation).
Prompt: "You know what I've noticed since I've been up here?"

How about this one: "She's just a daughter-in-law."

Or this, "I've been losing a lot of..."
Go at it poets!


This week's Poetry Friday round-up is at Big A little a.

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