Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Women of Wednesday; Looking for Stories

I’m always on the lookout for more inspiring stories of women’s firsts. As the publisher of the America’s Notable Women series, I continue to develop lists of women who went above and beyond the expected norm.

My fellow writers have become very adept at suggesting names of accomplished women to add to our lists. Almost every week I get a short e-mail from someone saying “How about adding_______ to the _____(Fill in the state) list?

When we create the lists of women to be profiled, we start with a list of 50 names per state. After that, we sequence the list by date of birth to see how our ladies fall in the state’s historical timeline. Next we look at why the women are notable and try to have representatives of 2 to 4 women per career. Sometimes that can be difficult. The list can seem heavier in one area or another. Massachusetts is known for its women writers. Texas women are big into politics. Minnesota women are dedicated activists.

It’s always nice to feature women who overcame odds to become the first—first female governor, astronaut, professional race car driver. I’m always looking for contemporary women.

So this Wednesday, I’m asking readers to make suggestions. Have you heard of a woman you feel deserves to be profiled? Would she inspire children to try harder, overcome obstacles, or attempt a new career?

Send your suggestions to and we’ll add them to our lists.

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