Monday, September 6, 2010

Mentor Monday: The Success of Persistence

Successful (read: published) writers have one major thing in common. It is not talent, or luck, or good connections—though all or any of those things might play a part. True writers are persistent.

Successful writers write regularly. For some people, this statement might translate to “every day.” To others, it might mean “as often as possible.” And to the majority it might mean “when I get a chance.” The difference between wannabes and successful writers, however, is that they make that chance happen. They get up an hour before the household awakens and write. Or, they carry notebooks and write while waiting for softball practice to end. Or they turn off the TV and turn on the computer.

Successful writers rewrite. They are humble. They do not consider their words unmoveable, unshapeable, but rather loose and replaceable. They believe whatever has been written can be written better.

Successful writers submit. They look at their work honestly and compare the work to similar pieces. They study the markets to see who is publishing nonfiction, or history, or funny animal stories and when they find out, they send their work out into the world.

Successful writers manage time. They turn minutes into sentences, days into chapters, and weeks into books. They read the contracts that eventually arrive and make note of due dates and complete the work on time.

Successful writers are persistent.

Persistent: stubborn, determined, obstinate, tenacious, relentless, dogged, steadfast, resolute, unfailing, unswerving.


I'm Jet . . . said...

So simple, and yet so elegant.

Andrea Murphy said...

"They turn minutes into sentences, days into chapters, and weeks into books." Sometimes I forget what can be accomplished in a few stolen moments. Thanks for the reminder, Mur.