Saturday, January 31, 2009

Greetings from Vermont!

Five of the Write Sisters are lucky to be attending the renown writers' (and illustrators') retreat, Kindling Words.

We arrived late Thursday afternoon and have been having a grand old time ever since! Besides writing, we've been attending thought-provoking sessions led by writer, Nancy Werlin, and illustrator, Mary Jane Begin.

Nancy Werlin

Discussions with others in the children's book biz take place continuously. It's been heavenly, topped off by the guardian angel of poetry--Ashley Bryan, who last night performed poems by Langston Hughes, Eloise Greenfield, Emily Dickinson, and others.

Something new this year has been joint poetry, painting, and drumming sessions that have taken us out of our comfort zone and delivered us in a zone of careless creativity!

I invite the other Sisters to elaborate on the whole experience.


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