Friday, January 25, 2013

Poetry Friday--"Days"

On a January Friday, I thought "Days" would be particularly appropriate.
by Billy Collins

Each one is a gift, no doubt,
mysteriously placed in your waking hand
or set upon your forehead
moments before you open your eyes.

Today begins cold and bright,
the ground heavy with snow
and the thick masonry of ice,
the sun glinting off the turrets of clouds.

Through the calm eye of the window
everything is in its place
but so precariously
this day might be resting somehow

on the one before it,
all the days of the past stacked high
like the impossible tower of dishes
entertainers used to build on stage.

No wonder you find yourself
perched on the top of a tall ladder
hoping to add one more.
Just another Wednesday

you whisper,
then holding your breath,
place this cup on yesterday's saucer
without the slightest clink.

From The Art of Drowning.

It's always good, when you're balancing on a ladder, to have someone standing below to catch you!
Rung Out

one hand
                        s t r e t c h    i    n    g

Got it!

I come down
gingerly placing
a spent bulb
in your open palm
while your other
hand, at last,
lets go.

© Diane Mayr, all rights reserved.
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Photo by elycefeliz.


Andrea Murphy said...

And it's always good when you have someone you actually trust at the bottom of that ladder.

Good stuff, Diane.

Diane Mayr said...

Good point!