Monday, June 1, 2009

Mentor Monday: Dangerous Dog Exercise

The object is to pick a noun and an adjective that goes with it.
Write fast. Don't use either the adjective or the noun in the description.

Use as much sensual detail as possible, and aim for the tone you
want to achieve by avoiding the usual words you'd use.

Dangerous Dog

The fur cinder block of his head rested on paws
that curved outward -- with claws like
a grizzly.
He hadn't seen me yet.

The crest of the eyebrows moved as his eyes flicked
back and forth. Up the street. Down the street.

Ten yards away, a robin landed on hard-packed dirt
that bristled with tufts of grass. The eyes stopped
their flicking -- the back and forth
and his fur rose one hair at a time until I could
feel the rumble of his growl through
the soles of my shoes.

The sensible bird lifted over the fence
and away. The brute settled back down
to resume his vigil.


Waiting for me.

The dog responds: Hey, don't look at me. It was just a part time gig. She asked me to pose as the
tough guy and all. Well, how could I refuse a writer? Especially with the economy being like it is, and me laid off and everything. Besides that, I've never really acted before, though I'd always wanted to try it. I figured it'd maybe be my big break. Like maybe that Cesar guy would want me on his show. Or maybe Larry King. You never know where opportunity will knock.



Love the dog's response!

I'm Jet . . . said...

I'd love to see what The Sisters could do with a noun and an adjective. Anyone up for the challenge?


Barbara said...

Great photo!

But then you always seem to find great photos!