Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Women of Wednesday--Way to Go!

The finalists for the National Book Awards were announced a few weeks ago. In announcing them, the writer of the New York Times article, Julie Bosman, started her piece thusly, "The 20 finalists for the National Book Awards include 13 women — the largest number ever..."

How great is that?

Now, we'll wait to see how many actually win! Take a look at past winners here--a pitiful representation by women, isn't it?

For whatever reason, women haven't always been dealt with fairly in the publishing business. But, perhaps that is about to change.

The National Association of American Pen Women, founded in 1897 for "mutual aid, advice, and future development," notes on its History page,
More than a decade into its second century, 55,000 writers, artists and musicians have been proud to call themselves Pen Women. Many of the battles fought by the founders have largely been won, but other challenges remain. For professional women, parity with men in the workplace is still a goal to be achieved.
Let's support all creative women to the best of our abilities (that means in many cases, by buying their work!). One day, 13 out of 20, will no longer be news, but simply business as usual!



I'm Jet . . . said...

Right on, Sisters!

Mur said...

Great post, Diane. I would not have been aware of the nominees. I don't usually "tune in" until the winners are announced.