Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Women of Wednesday--Directors

In 2009, Neda Ulaby, a reporter for NPR's All Things Considered, said, "When women direct, they're in control. And major Hollywood studios cannot exactly bask in their legacies of female empowerment..." This is the explanation of why women directors have had, up to this point, a limited role in directing Hollywood films--a women in power is to be feared. Can this two-year old statement can be applied to the situation today?

It appears not, if Melissa Silverstein is to be believed. She tracks all things related to women and Hollywood on her blog, appropriately titled Women and Hollywood. Silverstein has lists of new and forthcoming films by and about women. Click here and be encouraged by how long the lists are!

One of the major holiday films of 2011, Arthur Christmas, was directed by a woman, Sarah Smith.

Although Smith has been producing and directing television since the 1990s, this is her first major motion picture! I look forward to seeing many more films from her, and other talented women directors, in the future!

[Note: last month I wrote about one of Hollywood's first woman directors, Ida Lupino, check it out if you missed it.]


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I'm Jet . . . said...

Go Girls! Just saw Arthur's Christmas and missed the fact that it was directed by a woman.

Enlightening post!