Thursday, July 24, 2008

People Are Talking

Have you seen The Hippo? It's a local news, food, arts and entertainment weekly published out of Manchester, New Hampshire. Check out page 47 of the July 17-23, 2008 edition for a review of Women of Granite: 25 New Hampshire Women You Should Know by Janet Buell and the rest of the Write Sisters. Here are a few snippets from Lisa Parson's review.
  • "For kids needing summer reading material, Women of Granite is a good one. For grownups, it's a good book to surf through -- won't take long and you'll learn something."
  • "It brings Harriet Wilson (the country's first published African-American novelist) to life more than anything else I've read about her, and the same goes for Granny D, the 90-some-year-old who walked across the nation encouraging people to get involved in politics."
  • "It lives up to its title: these are women you should know, and so the book tells you about them . . . It's just about the sheer accomplishments of women."
Hurray us, and thanks to Ms. Parson for the nod. If I didn't already own the book, I'd run right out and get it.

The review wasn't entirely a lovefest, however. Ms. Parson took exception to a few of our glossary words, including
butterfly and workout. I'll give her workout. That one slipped under the radar for sure, but she can't have butterfly. That was included not because kids wouldn't be able to pronounce it without help, but because it defined a swimming stroke done by Olympian Jenny Thompson.

I also have one teeny tiny correction. Ms. Parson said our illustrator was Janet Greenleaf. It was, in fact, Lisa Greenleaf. It's just one of those crazy little things that slip under the radar. Kind of like workout.

If you just can't wait to check out our review in The Hippo, your can read it here online.

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Nice jab--you really gave her one to the jaw--"atrocious weirdness" indeed!