Saturday, November 15, 2008

Candy Memories

Jama commented on yesterday's post and asked if Bonomo Turkish Taffy was still available. Sadly, it's not, but if you'd like to learn its history, Michael Kaufmann, a writer at the NY Times, wrote about it in 1999. You can read his article at several sites, including The Turkish Taffy jingle has stuck in my head all these long years! I found one of the Bonomo commercials on YouTube! You'll see why the jingle has stuck!

If you grew up in the 50s and 60s, I'm sure you, too, have many jingles permanently installed in recesses of your brain. I can sing a gazillion of them--Ronzoni macaroni, Pepsodent toothpaste, Rheingold beer, etc.!

So, now I'm stuck in nostalgia-land and Shari Lewis has leapt before my eyes! Here's part of one of her shows, which I probably watched in my youth. (Lewis produced more shows later in her life for a whole 'nother generation of kids.)

We live in a wonderful time when you can relive those old days, or fill in a few of the missing words from a jingle that pops into your head uninvited, simply by spending a few minutes searching on YouTube.

Oh, I almost forgot, you can get a little idea of what Turkish Taffy was like by finding a BB Bat. It's taffy on a lollipop stick. I know they're still available, I had one (banana) not too long ago!

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