Friday, August 17, 2012

Poetry Friday: Pity the Beautiful

Pity the beautiful,
the dolls, and the dishes,
the babes with big daddies
granting their wishes.

Pity the pretty boys,
the hunks, and Apollos,
the golden lads whom
success always follows.

The hotties, the knock-outs,
the tens out of ten,
the drop-dead gorgeous,
the great leading men.

Pity the faded,
the bloated, the blowsy,
the paunchy Adonis
whose luck’s gone lousy.

Pity the gods,
no longer divine.
Pity the night
the stars lose their shine.
              --  Dana Gioia

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Andrea Murphy said...

Reminds me of somebody (a very beautiful somebody) who was complaining about the downside of being beautiful before lamenting, "You could never understand what it's like to grow old when you've been so beautiful." I guess some of us are just lucky that way.

I'm Jet . . . said...

Depends on what kind of beautiful you're talking about.

Mary Lee said...

Unexpected change of plans: the roundup is at A Year of Reading Thanks for changing your link!

Tabatha said...

Andy's comment made me laugh!

Mary Lee said...

I don't think those are the kind of stars that light up the night, I think they are the kind you stick on your bedroom ceiling and eventually the adhesive goes bad and they fall down!

(I, too, laughed at Andy's comment!!)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful poem. I love the rhyme and the alliteration and the poem itself. There's something kind of arresting about the poem. Thanks for sharing.

aly said...

How beautiful poem!