Saturday, March 28, 2009


I'm heading south of the border today to stroll the streets of Salem, Massachusetts and check out the Second Annual Salem Literature Festival. There are a number of events and workshops today and tomorrow, and I still need to decide which ones are calling to me. I think I'll attend Brunonia Barry's 2 pm workshop Creativity and a Sense of Place this afternoon at Old Town Hall. (Pictured here.)

If you've never been to Salem before, you're in for a treat. It's a terrific walking town brimming with atmosphere. Enjoy everything that Salem has to offer, not just the witchy thing. Granted, the witchy thing is a big thing, but Salem has so much more to give you. Visit the Custom House, where Nathaniel Hawthorne's three years of employment inspired The Scarlett Letter. From there, it's a short walk to The House of the Seven Gables, which needs no explanation from me. The Peabody Essex Museum is a must-see, even if they did gut the natural history section. (What the heck did the curator do with the buffalo, giant sea turtle and all those birds anyway?) If you're really interested in a trip in the Way-Back Machine, visit Salem Willows. Established as a park in the mid 1850s, the place has been hopping ever since. Just ask anybody who grew up on the Noth Shawa.

In spite of the fact it brought my girl Rebecca Nurse to such a wicked end, I still love Salem. Maybe I'll see you there this afternoon!

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